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Bruce wandered up East 60th street, trying to imagine Loki living there.  His imagination wasn't that good.  The street was ordinary, bustling with people in the late afternoon sunshine and very human.  Bruce smiled, shaking his head.  The god of mischief running an orphanage...he almost didn't believe it, except he did.  Finally, he found himself standing in front of the orphanage, a bit surprised.  It seemed kinda large and...well, not like he expected a city orphanage to look.  

Bruce didn't bother knocking, but went inside, finding the children playing everywhere.  They looked happy, he was relieved to see. 
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Bruce made his way back to Stark Tower, after his latest Hulk incident.  He was tired and worried that Ross had dared to come after him.  Maybe he'd been foolish and overly optimistic, but Bruce had truly believed that the backing of both Tony Stark and SHIELD would protect him.  It seemed he had been wrong.  He sighed and made his way to his lab. 

"JARVIS?  Do we have any company here at the moment?"
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Who: Loki, Tony and OTA
What: …It’s a convention. Need I say more?

When Loki heard of this convention thing he’d been curious. All the children at the orphanage spoke excitedly and exchanged wonders about who’d be guests and such. The more that Loki heard about it the more curious he became. So when the others were out he used the computer or his younger self phone to do some research as to what it was they were talking about, amused to see Tony would be at this…convention having wrote a comic book based on his adventures with the Avengers and Torchwood. Funnily enough he’d been mentioned and the fact that people wore costumes to this venture,


He was coming up with an idea. 

So when the con rolled around he had a ticket and he went…as himself.  It rather amused him to walk among these mortals in his armor, undisguised.  He stopped and posed for pictures as the mortals asked and chuckled when some said he looked nothing like the character, all the time glancing around for people he might know. 

(Okay! You can tag Loki or have someone wandering around separately to be tagged. Have fun! Be cracky)
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Orphans deserve a good home, too.

Loki was still hoping to get money from Tony Stark for the orphans, but he couldn't wait for that. He had to make things better for his charges. He went from room to room, using his magic to make things newer, more comfortable, and more colorful...rooms fit for children. Loki had already hired a new cook and increased the food budget allowance.

Fortunately, Loki didn't need money--he had gold he could bring from Asgard. So, his own salary went back into the budget. Still, he had almost sixty children in his care and they all needed new clothes and amenities. So, redecorating would have to be done the easy way. Loki just hoped that people convinced themselves the orphanage really wasn't any bigger than it was before.
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Koschei knew his work on the temporal circuit was dangerous. It was work beyond most boys his age, even those attending the vaunted Prydonian Academy of the Time Lords. Still, Koschei was as competent as he was confident and he proceeded with great care. Still, accidents happen, even to the wary. Due to a flaw in a wire, the circuit overheated. It was set for a thirty second loop, so Koschei should have been fine. When the effects wore off however, he was no longer in his rooms on Gallifrey.

A new world )
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Soku, as Head of Security for Torchwood Glasgow, has been giving the grounds and castle a thorough once-over, exploring the building and the land to see how they interact with one another and with the energies of the area. She's almost through and ready to report on her findings, but what keeps coming to mind is one of the first lessons the Lord Stewards taught her.

"Good fences make good neighbors." It's Robert Frost, from The Mending Wall, a poem that demonstrates the sort of ritual and folklaw they work within to bring peace and prosperity.

There may be fences, walls, boundaries that need to be put into place here.


Jul. 4th, 2012 04:53 pm
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Anyone who knew Jacklyn (or even Jack) would notice the tight tense lines of her body, the faked smiles, and the stress that seemed to dull the brilliant sapphire blue of her eyes. She was also jittery, jumping when someone touched her unexpectedly. She sits down heavily at a table and buries her face into her hands before scrubbing and cursing softly in Boe.

((OOC: mostly to do with the saxon plot but don't have to be. Could just be her stressing if you like))
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It's early morning when Isadore starts, making her way through rubble-strewn streets with a "borrowed" pick-up truck to collect bodies. Besides the unfortunate victims of the Dalek invasion, there's tools in the bed of the truck: spades, hoes. Everything she needs to begin burying the dead. Slowly rolling through the town, she searches for the unclaimed, a black clad specter.

There's still music playing softly around town, the patriotic marches that Abigail and River Song had hacked the radio tower to project for a boost in morale. But here, they seem more like funeral marches, keeping the pallbearers in step. Dirges for those who have no names.

It's noon when she pauses, covering the bodies in the truck with a tarp and checking a local map "borrowed" from a gas station to try to find a burial ground.


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