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Loki was practically bouncing with excitement as he helped set up for the Winter Nights feast. Thor and the Allmother had opened Asgardia to the mortals for the celebrations and had even allowed for Loki to add more Midgardian flairs to the set up. He glanced over to where Thor and Thora were setting up the main area where the blessings and feast were to be held and grinned at the sight of two very blond head together as they discussed something or another. 

He on the other hand was working on an area for games and sweets and other trivial things for the kids to enjoy. Oh this would be so much fun. 

He knew that some the traditional ceremony would be held for the Asgardians only but soon after it would be a full out party something it seemed that the Midgardians needed after this year and no one knew how to party better then the Norse Gods of old. After all the sharing of the Horn and Feast would kick that off rather nicely. 

((ooc: Okay those of you who play asgardians let me know if you want to do the traditional blessings and such. I'll set it up. If not...go for it. Party hardy!))

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Sleipnir wasn't quite sure how he had managed to get on Midgard but he had. He had and with a sense of great success. Unfortunately now he was lost. He'd never been to Midgard. So he did what any proper horse did and he wandered, ending up in the city lightly clomping along. He ignore the surprised looks others gave him as he looked around. 
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Harry wasn't one that usually looked for the leadership position. In fact he often shunned it but oft times ended up with it anyways. This was one those times. He didn't complain though, he accepted it and like with all other things he'd make those following him one is top priorities.

Actually right now getting other magic users together was first. They had been woefully small group during the invasion and it was something to change in his opinion. Healers, fighters, and defensive casters could of been spread out through the vanillas and made things just a little easier for the others. So after some thought Harry contacted some the people he trusted and put out requests for other magic users to join them.


Jul. 4th, 2012 04:53 pm
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Anyone who knew Jacklyn (or even Jack) would notice the tight tense lines of her body, the faked smiles, and the stress that seemed to dull the brilliant sapphire blue of her eyes. She was also jittery, jumping when someone touched her unexpectedly. She sits down heavily at a table and buries her face into her hands before scrubbing and cursing softly in Boe.

((OOC: mostly to do with the saxon plot but don't have to be. Could just be her stressing if you like))


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