Jul. 16th, 2012

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Soku, as Head of Security for Torchwood Glasgow, has been giving the grounds and castle a thorough once-over, exploring the building and the land to see how they interact with one another and with the energies of the area. She's almost through and ready to report on her findings, but what keeps coming to mind is one of the first lessons the Lord Stewards taught her.

"Good fences make good neighbors." It's Robert Frost, from The Mending Wall, a poem that demonstrates the sort of ritual and folklaw they work within to bring peace and prosperity.

There may be fences, walls, boundaries that need to be put into place here.
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Koschei knew his work on the temporal circuit was dangerous. It was work beyond most boys his age, even those attending the vaunted Prydonian Academy of the Time Lords. Still, Koschei was as competent as he was confident and he proceeded with great care. Still, accidents happen, even to the wary. Due to a flaw in a wire, the circuit overheated. It was set for a thirty second loop, so Koschei should have been fine. When the effects wore off however, he was no longer in his rooms on Gallifrey.

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