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Once the people have assembled, whether voluntarily, reluctantly, or deposited after a heated chase, the doors of their chamber swing open. Guards run the length of the wide hallway ahead of them, and designs run along the walls that the Time Lords among the group will recognize as security measures, designed to dampen excess energies, jam communications, and prevent electronic or sonic devices from working properly.

Certainly, the hallway is not as open and inviting as it once was, but it is also not so worn down and harsh as it was by the end of the Time War. The expressions of the guards that the group pass by are wary and suspicious, perhaps even tired by the ordeal of the combining universes, but not exhausted and worn like they were after the drawn out battle of the Daleks.

To the survivors of the War, it may almost feel as if they are stepping back into their past before the war. Or perhaps it won't quite feel that way, given those little differences, and to those observant, the lack of recognition for anyone walking down the hallway.

At the end of the hallway, the Council chamber spreads out, filled with council members sitting in silent judgment, and at their head, seated prominently above the circle of ground the group will find themselves herded into, sits the Lord President Mosdraston, looking rather unamused with the group.

A member of the council announces the Lord President's title and name, before the man himself speaks.

"The Council of Gallifrey and the Time Lords has observed the damage to the universes linked to this one, and of your actions related to it." The disgust that rolled off of the Lord President's tone might well be physical. "For the willful destruction of six universes and the termination of 700 triacontahenillion lives, this Council has been convened to ensure that the responsible parties for these crimes are duly tried and brought to justice." He paused, perhaps for effect, or perhaps to consider something. "Do the summoned understand the conditions?"

[OOC: Welcome to your first (or not so first, but it might not go the way you remember this time) Time Lord trial. Each of you will be allowed to say your piece to the Council, as for how you were or were not involved in the complete assimilation of six universes, or the initial breaking of this one. The Council will listen, although they may not believe you. The pups will be allowed to ask a few questions themselves, and then there will be a recess which the pups will be allowed to interact (and freely threadjack) during. Afterward there will be single inquiries held for each, run simultaneously.

There may, however, be a surprise or two involved along the way.]

The Gathering
The Recess
The Inquiry
The Judgment

The Call

Mar. 16th, 2011 09:28 pm
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As the 'day' of the appointment arrives, relative to the council on Gallifrey's time, the Time Lords make good on the unspoken threats in their invitations. Those who do not arrive are hunted, tracked through the universe by the very machines they flee in.

Ripples and disturbances in time, abominations and paradoxes, fixed points and impossibilities, these are the easiest to find and to track, but the truly clever and resourceful--and sometimes the lucky--might just avoid the sweeping hands of Gallifrey and its hounds.

Yet, those with metacrises born of this December's crisis will find the further they try to run away from Gallifrey, the more difficult it becomes. As if the rift itself is acting up, every step in the wrong direction brings increasing agony upon the metacrises, and even upon their counterparts the strain is that of walking further than their mental leashes allow.

You may run, but how long can you hide from the call of the Time Lords?

[OoC: The time has come to face the music. Another post will be made for the actual Council meeting, but threading out attempted or successful escapes, captures, or even willing arrivals will be made here. Thread-jumping will be allowed only within reason, considering the differing time and space between the threads.

Remember: If you didn't participate in All Hands plot and land yourself with a metacrisis, you can choose to escape with some cleverness on the part of your character. If you do have a metacrisis, however, capture and arriving on Gallifrey is inevitable.]
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After listening to the Time Lord's invitation--invitation that sounded more like a demand--to come to Gallifrey to discuss the state of the universe, Rose is less than impressed by their reaction time.
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Rose is no exception to the parasites...but she does find the optical illusion of the sky sparkling an odd one.

So does her metacrisis.
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It's been three months without a word from David...and that can only mean one thing. Whether she'd like it to or not.
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It's been three months without a word from David...and that can only mean one thing. Whether she'd like it to or not.
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The universe was crumbling again. Once again at the source of it all was a crack...and once again, it wasn't a problem any one person could fix. Rose would have almost felt nostalgic, if it didn't mean they weren't all about to die again. Since the original shock wave, she'd been spending most of her time working with the metacrisis Doctor, trying to figure out just what happened, and what they could do to fix it.

As it was, their closest guesses still hadn't gotten far enough to fix anything by the time the Rift started to fracture. Fortunately, they weren't the only ones looking. Everyone was, including that strange blue suited Doctor who kept mostly to himself and never stopped looking for a way to fix the universes.

During the chaos, they both ran into each other and exchanged notes. Now that it's settled, they had a plan...but even with a Doctor, a Rose, a Metacrisis and two TARDISes between them, they still needed help.

Lacking a sub-wave network, they did the next best thing. They parked in Cardiff, and sent their own number a fax.


It wouldn't alert everyone, certainly, but any Doctors--or helpful people--it missed ought to spot the two TARDISes parked under the Rift enough to come and investigate on their own.

[OOC: Another gathering post, people. The details are in the OOC board. Sections will be updated as necessary! Other than that, the usual thread-jacking rules apply, with the exception that only the people in each group can communicate with each other.]


Jan. 13th, 2011 06:15 am
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Recovering from the sudden shock wave, her metacrisis is understandably short on words. But that doesn't mean Rose doesn't want to know what just happened.

[Open in SWS and here as a general reaction post for those who'd like to work out the answers together. Those who post here can assume the gathering is set nearby the primary HUB, and usual group-posting rules apply. Those who tag SWS can set it wherever they like for a more one-on-one thread.]
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The Doctor is handing out gifts tonight and he has some special gifts for his special friends.
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The Doctor runs into a rushed Martha who's shopping for the holidays. He reminders her of
no pear shaped gifts.
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Spending so much time away from Earth has its disadvantages, such as not getting any heads up about psychic mistletoe until it's too late. Then again, it might be the fault of her metacrisis not bothering to mention it until then, too.
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The Doctor had went wandering around New York City. He's returned to the TARDIS and he has begun to play out favorite song of his. There's a vase of red roses and a little brown teddy bear sitting next to him. His Fishy Hand is there with a guitar in hand filling in where needed. "I think we should get a TARDIS band together. I know The Captain's got quite a set of lungs on'em."

He's got his doors wide open to the people in Central Park. He of course will make sure to entertain them with jolly Christmas music.

And one for her SWS


Dec. 2nd, 2010 05:06 am
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Okay, so the giant explosion he saw out the window? Can't be good. What's worse, though, is that when Handy hops up from his chair to grab his sonic screwdriver and scan the air, he suddenly realizes that he's not alone in there. Not. At. All.

The hand had arrived in its own bubbly little jar a few days prior, after he'd run into Ianto and heard about the Ood party everyone except him seemed to have been invited to. Not that he'd really minded, because hand giveaways? Not his thing. Made him feel sort of nervous and icky, really, given that he'd been a hand in a jar himself not too long ago. He'd meant to give it to the Doctor everyone else had palmed their hands off onto, but hadn't got around to it yet, and the jar had been sitting quietly enough in the corner of his room since its arrival, more or less forgotten once he'd been distracted by some other project.

Now he's striding purposefully down the street, a bemused and distracted-looking (but thankfully no longer naked, though Handy's clothing fits him very poorly) blond Master in tow. Handy keeps a firm grip on the new meta-crisis's arm as they go, leading him along like a child (which, in a way, he is). The plan is to find the Doctor or Rose and demand to know if they know anything about this, and possibly to try to get them to take this new Master so Handy won't have to deal with him. Thus far, the meta-crisis's meta-crisis hasn't kicked up too much of a fuss, if only because he's more than a little bit surprised to suddenly exist (the fact that his brain is made up of three people and a double meta-crisis and hasn't quite caught up with itself yet doesn't help, either).


Nov. 28th, 2010 08:17 pm
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A good amount of the time, Rose didn't muck around on Earth. Most of the time she spent traveling the broken universe looking for wayward souls and keeping the ever increasing mess of troubles from ripping it apart while no one was looking. The rest of the time she tended to her own universe.

If she still had hope of finding her own Doctor, she never would have had the time to actually try, so it was probably for the best that she didn't.

On the bright side, it meant her driving ever improved. Well enough that when something hit the TARDIS, she knew she hadn't just crashed it. Not that would have had long to wonder that, even if she didn't know.

The shattering glass and the sudden flood of energy--so familiar in the back of her mind--spinning around...around the console room or around her? would have made that clear enough anyway.

As would the decidedly naked Doctor sitting suddenly on the other side of the TARDIS.
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The new hand plus the original hand her Jack kept means now she has two. Now what?
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The Oodsphere was once a place used by humans to sell Ood into slavery, this is no more with Ood and the Friends of the Ood working side by side. There is a great banquet hall with a great feast of human food favorites from hams, yams, turkey and with all of the trimmings the staff has picked up on the American holiday as a day to give thanks.

There standing amongst it all is Ood Sigma with his hands held wide open. "I welcome all of you to give thanks to the Children of Time and most importantly The Doctor. I will welcome all of you later to come listen to a most important message about the future of the universe."

OOC: This is a two part plot, the feast will take part tonight and on to till tomorrow once everyone's home and plump for the American side of things. The message and the kick off for the next few plots will happen Friday night. There's no pose order so simply treat this like the Halloween Party thread. The message thread will have it's own separate thread so don't worry about things there. The plot is Fractured only so no open invites on sws please.


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