Oct. 17th, 2012

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When: For Gallifrey
Where: Outside the Capitol
Who: Captain Jack Harkness [livejournal.com profile] cjharknesstw/OTA

Jack has had enough of the confines and stares from the Time Lords, with Alisa getting ready to take the trip into the Matrix; he needed time to clear his head. He was worried for her, and not that she couldn't handle herself but out of normal concern. Then there was the troubling feeling, about what was going to happen on Earth. The invasion fleet had him worried, and Jack couldn't just stand there and watch that fleet coast through the darkness of space towards his home world.

He took time to escape towards a red field of grass that finally regrew from the final days of the Time War on this planet. Jack sprawled his coat out under him, and with both David and Jonathan there with him to enjoy the alien playground. Gallifrey was indeed the gem of the universe, the silvery leaves of the trees that surrounded the lake of Wild Endeavors, the laughter of his sons as they rolled around in the grass without a care in the world. Things here were safe, but Jack could not take his mind off of Earth.

To try to calm his nerves, Jack brought his journal with him. The old journal had many written entries, and some sketches of people, places, and things that Jack has seen in his recent travels. This one held the events of the birth of his two daughters, the Miracle, life in California, Alisa, those who came and went due to the Rift, and the little side trips The Doctor took him on. Jack took the pen in his hand, and he began to sketch out the fabled dome of the Time Lord Capitol.

SWS: Jack is sketching something in his journal.
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When: Before invasion
Who: Captain America & OTA
Where: LA

There was no question in Steve's mind that he was going to follow his wife to where ever she had gone. The question of how plagued him for a while, but thanks to the cooperation between what was left of the Avengers and Torchwood, a way had been found. It was extremely advanced technology, so he was told, the kind of sort that made him nervous and uneasy and pretty damn sure he was going to do something wrong and break it. He was not an unintelligent man, it was just... there was so much he had missed in those 70 years that it was hard to catch up to current technology let alone the stuff that blew that out of the water. But this device was his only chance to see his wife again, possibly get her to come back with him. He hoped that while he was gone things stayed as quiet and contained as they have been recently because team Avengers was getting a bit on the small side.

He looked over to his friends and gave a nod and a quick salute. Then he activated the device. At first he was sure it wasn't going to work. And then he got... pulled. He closed his eyes and held on, hoping this would work. Then he felt himself falling, he took a sharp breath, then hit sand and water as he fell into the shallows of low tide. The machine in his hands sparked and made very unhappy noises before completely shutting down. He sighed as he gingerly got out of the water, trying to make sure not to get the thing wet even if he was pretty sure it was busted. "I certainly hope this is the right place."


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