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Look at my horse! The Doctor had 'borrowed' a horse, and went out for a ride to try to clear his mind from something has been bothering him. He had ran into Theta [livejournal.com profile] handoften where the two had a discussion. Theta has offered to 'travel' with The Doctor in order to keep him from traveling on towards Gallifrey, to his potential death.

(Set after Dinosaurs are Cool)
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Koschei knew his work on the temporal circuit was dangerous. It was work beyond most boys his age, even those attending the vaunted Prydonian Academy of the Time Lords. Still, Koschei was as competent as he was confident and he proceeded with great care. Still, accidents happen, even to the wary. Due to a flaw in a wire, the circuit overheated. It was set for a thirty second loop, so Koschei should have been fine. When the effects wore off however, he was no longer in his rooms on Gallifrey.

A new world )
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It's early morning when Isadore starts, making her way through rubble-strewn streets with a "borrowed" pick-up truck to collect bodies. Besides the unfortunate victims of the Dalek invasion, there's tools in the bed of the truck: spades, hoes. Everything she needs to begin burying the dead. Slowly rolling through the town, she searches for the unclaimed, a black clad specter.

There's still music playing softly around town, the patriotic marches that Abigail and River Song had hacked the radio tower to project for a boost in morale. But here, they seem more like funeral marches, keeping the pallbearers in step. Dirges for those who have no names.

It's noon when she pauses, covering the bodies in the truck with a tarp and checking a local map "borrowed" from a gas station to try to find a burial ground.
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Loki stood in the middle of his hotel room, examining the staff Odin had gifted to him.  The elves, his caretakers, were forging an identity for him here on Earth.  He knew they planned to get him working with children, somehow, though they hadn't mentioned any specifics, only that he was to learn to value human life.  Well, Loki wished them luck with that.  He would, somehow, render himself immune to sentiment, to the painful emotions that so often betrayed him. 

Loki's arrival )
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Who: Gwen and Jack [livejournal.com profile] redtrainers and [livejournal.com profile] nonmoritur
When: Daytime, trying to heal after being in the doghouse. Gallifrey plot.
What: Gwen and Jack healing and trying to be normal again.
Things were looking better...  )


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