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When: Masters Wardrobe Plot
Who: Jack Harkness [livejournal.com profile] cjharknesstw/OTA
Where: RAF Airfield


The Doctor had told Jack that there was some alien activity high above the surface of the Earth and that the planet was going to be threatened by a small alien fleet. Jack went to join The Doctor there at the field to do some work on a small squadron of Spitfires to go and deal with the fleet.

"I had a feeling there was more to this." Jack's amused and he puts on the last of the finishing touches to the plane that he claimed as his. A message was sent out by The Doctor for anyone with any flying skills to come join him on the field. It was easy enough to get on the field and Jack was excited to get out there. There were refitted flight suits that would allow the team that will be going up to breathe and survive in space if they got shot down thanks to a trip in the TARDIS.

(OOC: Group thread if anyone is interested in doing group thread actiony fun times. Feel free to make a second thread or do a group thing. The Doctor can take some people into the mother ship to help sabotage it while others pick apart the escorts.)


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