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Sleipnir wasn't quite sure how he had managed to get on Midgard but he had. He had and with a sense of great success. Unfortunately now he was lost. He'd never been to Midgard. So he did what any proper horse did and he wandered, ending up in the city lightly clomping along. He ignore the surprised looks others gave him as he looked around. 
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River has wound up somewhere with a broken vortex manipulator cuff, hitchhiking. Of all things. Even she knows this is bound to be trouble. Oh, but she does love trouble.

Give a girl a ride?


Jul. 4th, 2012 04:53 pm
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Anyone who knew Jacklyn (or even Jack) would notice the tight tense lines of her body, the faked smiles, and the stress that seemed to dull the brilliant sapphire blue of her eyes. She was also jittery, jumping when someone touched her unexpectedly. She sits down heavily at a table and buries her face into her hands before scrubbing and cursing softly in Boe.

((OOC: mostly to do with the saxon plot but don't have to be. Could just be her stressing if you like))


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