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When: Miracle Day Plot
Who: Ianto Jones [livejournal.com profile] mrcoffeejones/Open
Where: New York

There has been a helicopter today that has been flying over the farm that the rest of the team has been staying at. Ianto has been watching it from some cover and he doesn't like it one bit. He's got a machine gun resting near by just in case.

It continues to fly past and Ianto is getting more and more restless. He reaches for the machine gun from his place at the barn where the SUV is parked. "I really am feeling more and more uncomfortable with this helicopter flying around here."
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When: Beast Below Plot
Who: Alisa [livejournal.com profile] enigmassweet, Liz [livejournal.com profile] lizfirestarter, The Doctor [livejournal.com profile] stetsons_r_cool, Patrick Logan [livejournal.com profile] terrorxtrahot, Jack Harkness [livejournal.com profile] theflyboy

Pose Order: Liz, Alisa, The Doctor, Patrick, The Master, and Jack Harkness

Where: Starship UK (Voting Booth)

What: When the sleeping gas cleared Alisa and Liz would wake up with their blue toilet water mess and there they are in a room with a bunch of televisions where they would be asked to do their duty in voting.

Alisa's a bit groggy when she wakes up and she nudges Liz to wake up. "Liz we're in big trouble and I don't think they care if Jack's rich or not."

There's rows of televisions and behind them there's the case again with the unhappy Smiler. In front of them there are two buttons with one marked.

Protest and Forget

There names and material status along with age are posted up there. This gets a bit of a laugh from Alisa about the age part. "They have no real idea do they?" Alisa was always curious as to Liz's age.
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When: Moving Day Plot
Who: [livejournal.com profile] captain_flyboy/OTA
Where: The Captain's TARDIS but the doors are open for anyone to wander in

What: The Captain was glad he wasn't a snake anymore, he couldn't really understand how anyone could get along without thumbs, hands and yes even arms when it came down to it. He enjoyed working with all three when he needed to think. It had been fun being an animal again, it gave him a perspective of things he wouldn't have had before. He had to admit he had enjoyed the move too, it had been a long time since he'd traveled to one place with the intention of staying put.

So he was taking the time to make some adjustments to his girl while Glen Miller played softy in the background and he hummed along.
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Jack's [livejournal.com profile] theflyboy Spitfire was salvaged from New York bay and it was sitting in a secured hanger. Toshiko wanted to make Jack feel happy by trying to get her restored and the parts just arrived. She's getting ready to head to New Jersey to spend sometime with an old Spitfire.
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It was supposed to be just a training exercise with new recruits. Flyboys straight out of school. The Messerschmitts weren't supposed to be there. Nobody was prepared for them. Jack had to focus, brow furrowed as he dodged and shot, communicating with his fellow pilots.

Harkness listened as everyone reported back in. He nodded his head, mentally ticking off the list in his head. No casualties. Good. The last thing that he needed was to lose another good man.

He saw it, too late, watching as it came towards him. He could hear them in his ear, telling him to eject. He tried, but he was hit. And then, there was a bright flash. It was white light, like nothing he’d seen before. And suddenly, it was a different ocean he was flying over.

"Mayday. Mayday. Captain Jack Harkness. Emergency landing. Eject is malfunctioning. Repeat, eject is malfunctioning." He growled into the radio, pressing the button furiously. Glancing out the cockpit window, he wondered how it had gotten so dark so quickly. Anyone else would think it was late, night time outside when it was only day time moments ago. "Mayday!"
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The Doctor was asked to help do the greeting of Jack's guests, he's standing there trying to keep his hands from walking over towards a pile of pizza boxes. The Time Lord sways on his feet and he goes to walk towards the ball room doors that the party is going to be held in. "I was really hoping for the beach party." He even had an outfit lined up for that one that wasn't his tuxedo and bow tie.

With the doors open, he's there to lend out a hand and he was kind enough to help transport people to New York. "Well, welcome to Jack's party, if you were expecting a meal for a king...well if you're the King of the Pizza people this is it for you lot." That Lombardo's Pizza is tempting and he's trying to keep his Meta-Crisis from helping himself before everyone arrives.

The band consists of a few random street musicians who were willing to play on demand. "Ah, that's lovely. The sounds of New York City are happening right here!"

OOC: This is a typical social gathering thread. There's no pose order but please be mindful of the other players involved. It will continue so long as people tag to it, make sure to track this one!


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