Jul. 10th, 2012

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 She'd survived the Dalek attack, proven herself a viable fighter and even convinced the head of Torchwood's R& D that she was capable of using his facility to make herself that much more viable. Katniss climbed up as high as she could, settling on top of a building that gave her a good view of everything. Everything...including those damnable 'VOTE SAXON' posters.

Katniss never was one to like the higher powers of the world, be it her own that she was taken from or this new world. The former tribute drew one of the shiny new bows she'd created with Patrick's help out, sinking it effortlessly into a poster that was so far away most wouldn't be able to see it.

Even as she did, Katniss' fingers absently tapped out a beat she didn't know against her bow. The unconscious action made her angry for reasons she didn't understand, so she drew another arrow, trying to calm herself with a little more target practice and new weapons testing.
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Jack was tired from having to deal with both the Daleks, the restructuring of Torchwood, and drums. It was time for him to begin to consider a break, after he returned from Cardiff. That trip was anything but a vacation and it meant more work than anything.

He sat out by his desk with a stack of papers resting on the top, Jack's work simply never seemed to stop. With a smaller staff in Los Angeles, Jack felt some weight lifted from his shoulders but won't always be the case for the immortal man.

The disturbing feature the world was faced with is, the Saxon for President or even worse World President that were posted through out Cardiff during his visit.
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Ianto has returned from Gallifrey, he's still a bit bothered by the use of Theta's little device to stop the Daleks. He understood that it was needed, but still he felt tense by it. The efforts on Gallifrey helped him to understand that it was indeed needed of him. He saw an entire planet ravaged by the war of the Daleks, so he took himself outside to the shooting range with nothing more than the modified Glock.

There was a variety of targets, from paper, clay pigeons, old vehicles, store dummies, and whatever would make a man with a gun happy. Ianto was here to let some of the tension go in the form of target practice. For Ianto it wasn't the bulls-eye but something in the form of a fly on one of the paper targets. He was scary accurate with a gun, as he made a green splat on the paper target.

The world was safe for now, but if this Rassilon is loose there's always a chance for more chaos. He's not sure who makes him more uncomfortable Saxon or the supposed God of Time Lords.

SWS Post: Target practice can be very relaxing.


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