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Intro OTA

Bruce Banner ran.  He had thought, hoped, prayed that living with Tony Stark and being part of the Avengers would protect him from part of the issues that had plagued him for the past several years...the Ross-shaped parts.  No such luck.  Banner had been out, running some shopping errands, when he had run straight into a mass of Hulk-busters.  Fortunately, being on the Avengers had, if anything, only improved his reflexes.  Banner had ducked down an alley and scurried behind some cars.

He did not want a repeat of Harlem.  

He wanted to be left alone.  

A park was nearby, so he headed into the small wooded area, taking refuge under a wooden bridge.  He ducked as far out of sight as he could and worked on controlling his breathing, calming the Hulk and trying to clear the green haze creeping over his vision.