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He paused overlooking the great fall he was considering. Agony washed through him with each miniscule movement. He didn't have much time to waste, he knew that. It was by sheer luck and his watchful eye that he had gotten away in the first place. However after choosing to fall one time, it was hard to contemplate another one. It was his only way out however, his only chance to survive. And survive was what he wanted to do now, despite his desire for death before.

He heard the commotion that meant they had discovered his escape. There was an easy enough trail to follow, so he knew he didn't have any more time. He fell once more, hoping that wherever he fell was a better one than this. So Loki fell, and fell and tried not to go mad. He felt something grab hold of him and drag him off in a way he never had felt before. Loki closed his eyes just as his body slammed hard into water. It hurt almost as much as land would have and knocked his breath from his body.

Nearly drowned and mostly dead, Loki barely managed to find dry land. He lay there and couldn't help but a weak laugh. He survived his first fall despite his desires otherwise, only to have his second fall when he wanted to live nearly kill him. Maybe it had? Maybe he just didn't know it yet.