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OTA - The Crucible (Backdated)

The Emperor was going to make good on his promise, he was going to attempt to turn Earth into the first of many Skaros. The HUB and TARDIS sensors have went completely wild, as something massive is brewing in space. The Crucible has come into view from it's hiding place behind the moon, its bristling with weapons and the Daleks have begun to pull back.

This is the end of days, and the heroes don't have much more time to act. The Earth's time was to end with a bang in the year five billion, with the expansion of the sun, but still time is always in flux and Earth could still go terminal along with the human race.

(OOC: Feel free to do what you will with the ending of the invasion guys. If there's a pose order, post it. I'll roll with whatever. This will also kick off our trek to Gallifrey, and everything now on SWS -- on Earth is well normal old rp.

There's three plans in play, Theta's shoe box, Auggie, and Traken's improved TCE. The goal is to help keep Auggie safe, so he can do his thing. Expect the Daleks to make a go for him.)