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When: July 29,2012 - Sunday
Who: Ianto Jones [ profile] mrcoffeejones - OTA
Where: Los Angeles, California


It was a pleasant day, and Ianto was going to do one of those things he loves to do, gather supplies for the HUB. There's still plenty of people working in Los Angeles, and the first things to go are always the reserves like; coffee or toilet paper. Its always those two. Ianto was going to do one of his rounds for coffee beans, and of course he was going to make sure it would be the highest quality coffee. And, the same could be said for the toilet paper that Torchwood uses.

He was heading back to the SUV with a shopping trolly filled to the brim with food, coffee, and toilet paper in tow. The American version of Tescos was a zoo, all thanks to the Dalek attack leaving the city like many others needing to rebuild. It could of been worse, a lot worse. Ianto's never seen a major city or anywhere through a major disaster before, and this would be an experience that he wouldn't live to forget. Then again, it is California and disaster is its middle name.