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The first step Owen takes to fixing his drinking problem is admitting he has one in the first place.
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Bruce made his way back to Stark Tower, after his latest Hulk incident.  He was tired and worried that Ross had dared to come after him.  Maybe he'd been foolish and overly optimistic, but Bruce had truly believed that the backing of both Tony Stark and SHIELD would protect him.  It seemed he had been wrong.  He sighed and made his way to his lab. 

"JARVIS?  Do we have any company here at the moment?"
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When: Into the Matrix Plot
Who: The Doctor [livejournal.com profile] technicolorcan, The Master [livejournal.com profile] traken_master, Alisa Harkness [livejournal.com profile] enigmassweet/OTA
Where: The Archive Room - Gallifrey

The Doctor finished talking with people, and he lead The Master to one very familiar room with a look on his face. "I do hope you're not going to get any ideas!" He taunted, but of course this is not the time nor the place to do this. "We should be quick, I don't like leaving Earth alone to deal with that situation anymore than anyone else."

He hates this, he really does but if Gallifrey falls it could mean some horrible weapons could end up in the wrong hands. "There's only one other person that knows this old system better than us, and that would be Rassilon himself. And, from what I've learned some fools had let him free during a war with the Daleks."

The Doctor goes to step into the room that has a number of beds, along with some very old familiar faces. "They're not exactly happy to see you either."
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The Doctor is sulking, as he watches the fleet of unknown aliens begin their descent on to the Earth. "I hate fixed points in history."
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The Doctor is not happy that he was summoned to Gallifrey, and he thinks back to the other unscheduled trips home.
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Alisa had finally reunited herself with Jack and family, she has taken time to explore the insides of the Capitol. She is still worried about those left behind on Earth, but she tries to find some comfort in seeing one of the oldest places in the universe.
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Tony has discovered himself on Gallifrey, after he opened a bottle from off his bar. He sits there with the tumbler in his hand, and a look on his face that resembles a kid at Christmas. "Did I just die? Because if I did, I just went to heaven."

A Summoning

Oct. 7th, 2012 01:16 am
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When: For Gallifrey Plot
Who: Borusa [livejournal.com profile] whitehairedlord/OTA!
Where: The Paniopticon on Gallifrey

Who: Borusa was left to run things once again by The Doctor, he did not want the task that the fly by night President gave him; still he did the job without question. The Time Lord knew work here was not done by a long shot, and that Earth was about to be plunged further into the Dark Ages.

He had to act, and he stood in the room with the banned Time Scoop that was repaired by some scientists recently. He took a deep breath in, and he began to summon those who would be responsible for helping defend Earth and Gallifrey. They would find themselves inside of the entrance, no matter where they stood. The numerous figures clouded the time scoop, and the machine was working on over time. Borusa was hoping it would not overload itself, but by the time the last figure is on there he just held his breath in hoping it would hold.

The Acting Lord President turned to head out from the room in the Council Room to be there to greet the others. He really does hope that he didn't summon the humans, while they were being naughty. Either way he stood there, and he held his hands together. "Greetings, and I am sorry that I interrupted anyone."

*OOC: This is the kick off for that long awaited summoning to Gallifrey. We'll be here for a good bit, for serious, exploring, and plenty of fluffy stuff. Like any plot, feel free to make your own posts in the comm or even a couple on sws.*
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Ianto is going through the files that came back with them from Mexico, and things could not look any worse. "I hate brining back bad news," Ianto mutters, to himself and he's not sure how to explain it to the others.

There was no computers to be found, and everything was left to paper. Ianto just looks at the orders in front of him. These people are planning attacks against Torchwood, the Torchwood that barely saved the Earth against the Daleks.

"I should warn the others," Ianto calmly says, and he moves pictures off to the side when he sees one of David and then Ivy. "Bastards..." He mutters about the people from the cartle they dealt with.

Intro OTA

Oct. 5th, 2012 12:25 am
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Bruce Banner ran.  He had thought, hoped, prayed that living with Tony Stark and being part of the Avengers would protect him from part of the issues that had plagued him for the past several years...the Ross-shaped parts.  No such luck.  Banner had been out, running some shopping errands, when he had run straight into a mass of Hulk-busters.  Fortunately, being on the Avengers had, if anything, only improved his reflexes.  Banner had ducked down an alley and scurried behind some cars.

He did not want a repeat of Harlem.  

He wanted to be left alone.  

A park was nearby, so he headed into the small wooded area, taking refuge under a wooden bridge.  He ducked as far out of sight as he could and worked on controlling his breathing, calming the Hulk and trying to clear the green haze creeping over his vision.
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An SUV filled with armed men have begun to chase The Doctor through the streets of Los Angeles.
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Who: Thetis & Tony Stark & OTA
Where: London, Tony's lab

Thetis placed the drink and doughnut on the table far enough away so it wouldn't get in the way or get whatever gunk was in this place on it. "Morning sir." She took another look at him. "You didn't spend the whole night here, did you?" She had left when he told her to the night before, but stayed himself. Now it looked like he hadn't moved from the exact same spot he had been in when she left.


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