Sep. 23rd, 2012

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Who: Loki, Tony and OTA
What: …It’s a convention. Need I say more?

When Loki heard of this convention thing he’d been curious. All the children at the orphanage spoke excitedly and exchanged wonders about who’d be guests and such. The more that Loki heard about it the more curious he became. So when the others were out he used the computer or his younger self phone to do some research as to what it was they were talking about, amused to see Tony would be at this…convention having wrote a comic book based on his adventures with the Avengers and Torchwood. Funnily enough he’d been mentioned and the fact that people wore costumes to this venture,


He was coming up with an idea. 

So when the con rolled around he had a ticket and he went…as himself.  It rather amused him to walk among these mortals in his armor, undisguised.  He stopped and posed for pictures as the mortals asked and chuckled when some said he looked nothing like the character, all the time glancing around for people he might know. 

(Okay! You can tag Loki or have someone wandering around separately to be tagged. Have fun! Be cracky)


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