Jul. 28th, 2012

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Where: Liz and Owen's House
Who: Liz [livejournal.com profile] open_flame and Owen Harper [livejournal.com profile] wanker4life/ Open with Reason


Owen was thrilled to be back home, the work load from the past invasion has finally dwindled down enough to allow him to return to a regular schedule. It was hell, and he was trying to keep himself from drinking more than he should. There was still the issue of things to do with the prospect of Liz's twins coming next month. Jack had still offered to take the four of them to another world in the very far future to deliver them. So there Owen sat, on the floor of the nursery that he had painted in neutral colors with the bits and pieces of an over priced crib.

There was boxes of toys, and plenty of other baby things including books with names. Owen had tossed the books aside, half of them were filled with strange names that celebrities liked to use. Owen liked the classic names better, nobody forgets classic names. He mumbled to himself, as he walked over to the doors leading to a patio overlooking the ocean and he popped them open to get some air in. It was a sunny day, the temperatures were in the mid seventies. This was heaven compared to the rest of America. It was truly paradise, and Owen wasn't going to complain.
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Orphans deserve a good home, too.

Loki was still hoping to get money from Tony Stark for the orphans, but he couldn't wait for that. He had to make things better for his charges. He went from room to room, using his magic to make things newer, more comfortable, and more colorful...rooms fit for children. Loki had already hired a new cook and increased the food budget allowance.

Fortunately, Loki didn't need money--he had gold he could bring from Asgard. So, his own salary went back into the budget. Still, he had almost sixty children in his care and they all needed new clothes and amenities. So, redecorating would have to be done the easy way. Loki just hoped that people convinced themselves the orphanage really wasn't any bigger than it was before.


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